“Sensibility is the definition of life.”  So says G. K. Chesterton, the inspiration for much of the thought that goes into A Sensible Life, the on-line journal of practical free and responsible living in a complex society.

Here at A Sensible Life we explore sensibility in its varied applications.  From the economy to the public square and from literature to orthodoxy we look at practical and beautiful expressions of sensibility in the daily living of our human vocation.

“Goodness”, “truth” and “beauty” are our by-words as we seek to put into practice a radically sensible approach to life.  As a result, the editorial staff of A Sensible Life commits itself to a full expression of the Truth.  We will try to do this without beating you about the head and shoulders with our theology.  However, keep in mind that we come from a background of sound formation in Catholic theology and Catholic social teaching.  You must know that we will be who we are.  That is, we are Catholic and our Catholicity will serve as the root of our writings and our editorial decision-making.

That said, we hope all men and women of good will may find themselves quite at home here.  A Sensible Life is intended to be a place of freedom and good cheer.  We will always treat all visitors with dignity.

Please join us in celebration of Life and in celebration of sensibility.